With over 30 years of expertise, many Spectrum Energy professionals have been developing aeroderivative combustion turbine power plants since 1983. The sections below detail Spectrum's experience in the three main forms of combustion turbine facilities: simple cycle, combined cycle, and cogeneration.

Simple Cycle

Combustion Turbine Facilities

Spectrum Energy has provided engineering, procurement and construction management on twelve simple cycle combustion turbine facilities. Many of our customers are repeat customers, such as Dominion Virginia Power, City Water and Light (Jonesboro, AR), and Constellation Energy.

We have installed 2,900 MW of power generated by LM6000s, 7FAs, 7EAs, and FT8s. Some of the features include Air to Air Anti-icing, Chilling, Continuous Emissions System (CEMS), Sprint™, Dual Fuel, Fogging, Inlet Air, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and Extreme Winterization.

Combined Cycle

Combustion Turbine Facilities

In 2004 and 2005 Spectrum Energy engineered, procured equipment for and managed the construction of the Kinder Morgan CO2 plant in Snyder, Texas. A 110 MW full combined cycle power generating facility with supplemental firing and combustion inlet chilling, the plant went on-line in June of 2005.

Our core employees also engineered and managed the construction of a 272 MW combined cycle cogeneration plant in Fort Lupton, Colorado. This power generation plant was designed with combustion inlet chilling as well, and is two generating facilities operating on one main steam header.


Combustion Turbine Facilities

Spectrum Energy was retained by Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) to evaluate and refurbish a 2-unit 7EA combined cycle power plant for a refinery in New Jersey. Spectrum procured and installed new combustor liners and transition pieces for the 7EA combustion turbines, along with the addition of software modifications for the dry low NOx combustors. This combined cycle plant is complete with an axial flow steam turbine that is equipped with extractions for steam supply to the refinery.

Spectrum Energy's comprehensive services include SteamPro™ and GTPro™ modeling, cost estimates, site and equipment arrangement drawings and vendor information on the related equipment.