Site Project Manager, Spectrum Energy, Inc.

Doug Losey, Site Project Manager Spectrum Energy, IncMr. Losey has over thirty-five years experience in industrial construction and power generation. He joined Spectrum Energy in 2000 but has worked with Spectrum founder John Seidler since 1993. Mr. Losey served as Site Manager on most of the Spectrum EPC and EPM projects, all of which were completed on or ahead of schedule, under budget, and met or exceeded performance guarantees. These projects include a 2xLM6000 combined cycle plant for Kinder Morgan, 6xFT8 TwinPac and 7EA simple cycle plants for Constellation Power (one of which is located in Alberta, Canada), a 2xLM6000 simple cycle plant for Duke Energy, two installations resulting in a 3x7FA simple cycle plant for Dominion Power, 2xLM6000 simple cycle plants for Alabama Municipal Electric Authority and Public Service Company of New Mexico, two LM6000 installations for Jonesboro City Water and Light, an LM6000 installation and subsequent expansion for Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation and another LM6000 for Southwestern Electric Cooperative. Overall, Mr. Losey has assisted in the installation of 2,068 MW of electricity for Spectrum Energy.

Prior to joining Spectrum, Mr. Losey was employed by Elkhorn Construction, Enviro Power, Dick Corporation, Industrial Construction Services, and Blount Industrial where he served as Electrician, Foreman, Superintendent, Project Engineer, Senior Project Manager, Site Manager, and Construction Manager. His power projects include the Fort Lupton Cogeneration Project where he worked with future Spectrum co-founder John Seidler and future Spectrum Construction Manager Dean Felton; a butane-fired power plant project for Belize Power in Belize; a combustion turbine and reciprocating engine based cogeneration plant for Metro Waste Water District; four nominal 60 MW waste-to-energy projects located in Florida and Rhode Island for Waste-To-Energy; and combined cycle cogeneration plants at Peperrell Cogeneration Facility for Niagara Mohawk and UNC Cogeneration Facility in Greeley, Colorado.