Spectrum professionals have a long history in providing engineering services for green power and renewable energy projects and we anticipate a renaissance in Green Power Projects in the new future. Whatever your green power needs, Spectrum Energy has the answer.

Green technology power plant solutions
Located in Eureka, California, Spectrum's co-founders and engineers designed this wood-fired power plant, which has a stoker boiler equipped with a fuel dryer, ESP system and a single T/G set.

Biomass Projects

Spectrum's principals have designed over 6 major utility-grade wood fired projects using both stoker grate and fluidized/bubbling bed technologies. Spectrum can locate and secure project sites, retain fuel supplies, prepare full project cost estimates, as well as all other related development and engineering activities relating to wood fired projects. Spectrum's professionals have also designed plants that utilize rice hull and cow manure combustion.

Spectrum principals developed the Puente Hills Energy Recovery from Gas Project (PERG), a 50 MW landfill gas-fired power plant that has been successfully operating since November 1986. PERG was the first, and it remains the largest landfill gas-fired power plant in the world, converting waste to energy in Southern California.

Landfill Gas Projects

Spectrum's principals engineered and designed a 50 megawatt landfill gas project, the largest landfill gas project in the world. This landmark project was recently featured on National Geographic Television Special as an outstanding example of converting landfill gas to electricity. This plant has an outstanding track record and has been on-line since 1986.

Biodiesel Development

Spectrum is working on the development of biodiesel projects and evaluating advanced European technologies that may be brought to the United States.

Wind Power Projects

Spectrum can provide full development services for wind power projects including site selection, permitting, installation of aerometers and collection of wind data.